Superblue Miami Honors Hispanic Heritage Month

Superblue Miami Honors Hispanic Heritage Month

The American Passport Experience, Superblue Miami, and Bacardi will host "The American Passport Experience: Live Storytelling" on September 14!

The American Passport Experience will partner with Superblue Miami and Bacardi for a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at “The American Passport Experience: Live Storytelling” on September 14, from 7 to 10 p.m.

Brought to life by artist and visionary Alejandra Estefania, “The American Passport Experience” harnesses the power of storytelling to redefine the immigrant mindset and transforms the community’s stories through the combination of cinematic documentation and technology.

“‘American Passport’ serves as a creative approach to liberating people from their stories so they may begin to celebrate their journeys, their culture, and embody all that they are meant to become,” said Estefania. “It’s not just a single tale; it’s not one story. It’s our story, and we’re grateful to Superblue to allow us to tell our stories this Hispanic Heritage Month.”

The evening will commence with a keynote address by Estefania, followed by a roundtable discussion with Latina powerhouses Shantelle Rodriguez, Superblue’s Director of Experiential Art Centers; Francesca de Quesada, Chief Economic Development and Innovation Officer for Miami-Dade County; and Tamara Béliard Rodriguez, co-owner of Island TV (A Fatima Group Company).

During the panel, Rodriguez, de Quesada, and Béliard Rodriguez will share how they’ve navigated challenges, followed passions, and uplifted their communities.

Following the roundtable discussion, guests will mix and mingle while enjoying a complimentary rum experience by Bacardi Rum. Tickets start at $50 and can be purchased via Eventbrite. Thirteen percent of proceeds from ticket sales will sponsor a Latin immigrant on their journey to American Citizenship.